Fun Day 2020!

In order to make learning about the elections more authentic, Karearea class formed parties and lobbied the rest of the students at MMS for their vote. Each party planned out a Fun Day for the rest of the school and used their plan as their party’s “policy” when campaigning for votes. After a week of campaigning, the whole school went through the voting process, and the Naturistics Party won!

On the following Tuesday, the Naturistics Party held their Fun Day for the rest of the school. It was a fabulous day full of fun activities that each of the classes got to participate in.

There was biking, hide and seek, and sardines:

Karearea enjoying their turn at biking and playing sardines

Inside there were arts and crafts, including the very popular “make your own stickers” table and a colouring competition:

Making our own stickers!
Doing our best colouring for the colouring competition

And games out on the field such as Soccer, Capture the Flag and Moonlight:

All the kids had a great time. A big thank you and well done to the Naturistics Party for an awesome day!