Trip to Makara Wind Farm

Our star reporter Sam Smith has written the following item  about our trip to the Makara Wind Farm run by Meridian.  Thanks Sam!

Wind Farm

On Friday the 20th of May, the whole school went to the West Wind Wind Farm. Two very large buses drove us to the top of a hill, directly under a wind turbine. It was terrifying, and even more so when it looked like it was toppling over, luckily it was just clouds moving. Some questions were answered while we were there too. Like: How many watts does it make a year? All the time it’s generating 2000 watts, a lot!  How long did it take to make the wind farm? 2 years, How big are the blades, half the size of the turbine, 40 metres. We also got to see inside the turbines (and I was so tempted to mash all the buttons at once forever) we went to see the spare blades and they were longer than us all with our arms outstretched. It was also very cold up there. We were at the Wind Farm for two hours. And it was a very cool trip.