MMS Cross Country 2021

On Friday the 28th of May, we held our school Cross Country. It was a lovely day for running, not too hot and not too cold. Starting at 11am, the crowds gathered to cheer the children on.

The year 7 & 8 students from Kārearea ran first, with big smiles and lots of gusto. The first place getters were clearly planning on how to be tied for first as they ran.

Next up for their run was Piwakawaka. The Piwakawaka children were all very eager and determined to run their very best.

Once Piwakawaka were finished, it was time for the year 5 & 6 Kārearea students to line up. They ran really well and were very resilient, even finding energy to give a wave as they went by.

Next up was Tūī class. Again, so much resilience and perseverance shown by the Tūī children! They were all determined to give the cross country their very best efforts.

Last up for their run was Kiwi class. They had waited very patiently for their turn to run, cheering on their friends and siblings with words of encouragement and support, and now it was finally their turn. They certainly ran their very best!

Once the running was done, everyone enjoyed a chance to have a sausage, drink and a bit of baking while they relaxed. It was a lovely day for all and all the children should be very proud of how well they ran.

A big thank you to Paul Howell for taking these wonderful photos on the day.

Trip to Makara Wind Farm

Our star reporter Sam Smith has written the following item  about our trip to the Makara Wind Farm run by Meridian.  Thanks Sam!

Wind Farm

On Friday the 20th of May, the whole school went to the West Wind Wind Farm. Two very large buses drove us to the top of a hill, directly under a wind turbine. It was terrifying, and even more so when it looked like it was toppling over, luckily it was just clouds moving. Some questions were answered while we were there too. Like: How many watts does it make a year? All the time it’s generating 2000 watts, a lot!  How long did it take to make the wind farm? 2 years, How big are the blades, half the size of the turbine, 40 metres. We also got to see inside the turbines (and I was so tempted to mash all the buttons at once forever) we went to see the spare blades and they were longer than us all with our arms outstretched. It was also very cold up there. We were at the Wind Farm for two hours. And it was a very cool trip.

Renovations and New Building

Currently our whole school is wrapped and scaffolded and under construction. Due to this we have rented some rooms in St Teresa’s for our junior children and Cardinal McKeefry for our older classes. We will be returning to our much improved school in term two which we are all looking forward to greatly. We have also moved the original school building from South Makara Road to our school site and we are renovating this currently too as a separate project. We hope this will be ready for term 2 also.

Fun Day 2020!

In order to make learning about the elections more authentic, Karearea class formed parties and lobbied the rest of the students at MMS for their vote. Each party planned out a Fun Day for the rest of the school and used their plan as their party’s “policy” when campaigning for votes. After a week of campaigning, the whole school went through the voting process, and the Naturistics Party won!

On the following Tuesday, the Naturistics Party held their Fun Day for the rest of the school. It was a fabulous day full of fun activities that each of the classes got to participate in.

There was biking, hide and seek, and sardines:

Karearea enjoying their turn at biking and playing sardines

Inside there were arts and crafts, including the very popular “make your own stickers” table and a colouring competition:

Making our own stickers!
Doing our best colouring for the colouring competition

And games out on the field such as Soccer, Capture the Flag and Moonlight:

All the kids had a great time. A big thank you and well done to the Naturistics Party for an awesome day!

MMS Cross Country 2020

On the 26th of June, we had our annual school Cross Country day. It was a great day and all the children did really well. They were positive, resilient and supportive of each other. Well done everyone! Check out some photos from the day below:

Piwakawaka off and away!
Running with all our might!
Tui Class setting off on their race
Kiwi Class taking off
The year 5 and 6 kids raring to go!
Running like the wind
Cheering each other on
Nearing the finish line!

School Closed for Covid-19 Lockdown

In line with the Covid-19 alert level 4, which came into effect at 11:59pm 25/03/20, Makara Model School is temporarily closed. This includes the school playground and bike track. Remote learning options have been set up by all of the teachers so that the children can be continuing with their learning from home. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your child’s teacher.

While the teachers will be setting up learning for their students to do, it is important to remember that there is a lot of learning to be had while doing other activities such as cooking or baking, gardening, arts and crafts etc. These kind of activities shouldn’t be overlooked as a source of learning and fun.

Please note: the school holidays have been brought foward, and will run from the 30/03/20 to 14/03/20 inclusive. It’s fair to say that we all will need a break for a bit and take a couple of weeks to unwind and adjust to the new normal.

Thank you to everyone for your support and understanding as we try to establish our remote learning systems. This is new territory for us all, and it will take some time for us to get things right.

Keep safe, stay well. Kia kaha everyone.

School Triathlon 2020

On the 28th of February, we held our annual school triathlon. It was a fun and successful day. A big congratulations must be said to the children, for their resilience, perseverance and positive attitudes on the day. Also a big thank you to the parents who helped with our sausage sizzle on the day and came to support the children, we couldn’t have done it without you all!

The children swam, biked and ran their absolute best. First was Piwakawaka and then Tui classes, who went before lunch. After lunch it was Kiwi and Karearea classes’ turn. It was amazing to see how determined the children were to do their best and finish the whole triathlon. It was also so wonderful to see how enthusiastically the children who were spectating cheered on their peers from other classes. What a wonderful, positive day it was!

Ready to swim!
“Let’s go Makara, let’s go!”
Biking down the hill
Run, run to the finish line!

ANZAC Day 2018

On 25th April 2018 a service was held at the Makara Cenotaph to commemorate ANZAC Day.  It was a very moving service with touching personal stories from people in the community and the playing of the last post, raising and lowering of the flag.  MMS students played a part in the service by beautifully reading poems and readings and laying wreaths on behalf of the school.

Our New Bike Track – Bikes in Schools

Our new bike track opened in February 2018, it is amazing.  Thanks to WCC – Bikes in Schools and Meridian for their support to get this project up and going.  Our students and staff are loving the bike track and all the learning opportunities it presents.

Makara School Reunion – 150 years

Saturday 22 October – 10.00 am onwards

Makara school is 150 years old this year – so if you attended Makara School, either the original School (now housing the Makara Play Group) or the current one, we would love to see you in Makara on Saturday 22 October.

A small group is organizing this special day to celebrate, and we need to get a handle on how many might be able to come.  We have heard that many are intending to come, but few have actually advised their attendance.

There will be a morning tea at the Makara Hall, with registration, followed by tours of both the school buildings and entertainment from the current students, along with photos with your class year attendees, ending with a late lunch and an opportunity to talk and remember the old days with all your school friends.   Dig out your old family and school photos, and bring them along.   There will be a charge of $30 pp for the morning tea and lunch, collected on the day.

Please let all your friends and family know about this special day through your contacts, email, Facebook, etc and ask them to contact Christine Grace on email or  phone 04 476 8176 or 0275 620108 so that a list can be compiled, and information can be sent to as many former students as possible so that they can attend.


Thank you.